Maori Wars Series

In a Gallery far far away, in the land of Aotearoa, a fight between good and evil wages on...

We all grew up either a Star Wars fan or we didn’t, Maori wars depicts a modern day Maoriland Wars that has continued, since the signing of the treaty of Waitangi. The series has reached many people in lots of different ways, mostly on a humorous level, but I can assure you the Maori Wars undertone conversation is not humorous in any kind of way. Rather I’m including Maori and Pakeha who have married into Maori families, who are still in a current day Maori land war.

The land claims have not ceased yet, the continued issues many face are real and still the outcome is not concluded. Maori wars is a series also that will be a continued visual delight for those who invite it into their lives for what ever reason.

May the Wairua be with you.